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Flu Vaccinator- Wellington, NZ

Vitality Works

  • April – June contract
  • 2-3 days per week
  • Do your part for our community

Vitality Works is a Sanitarium company, established to provide industry leading programs and services in workplace health.

Our Nurses travel from workplace to workplace administering our flu vaccination programs between April and June, gaining great experience and enjoying a dynamic role.

Our vaccination clinics take place across various locations and at different times. A vaccination job may be as short as a couple of hours, or as long as a full day (with breaks). There is often a morning clinic at one location, and an afternoon clinic at a different location. We allow for one vaccination every two and a half minutes (24 per hour). ­­­­­­ We provide the vaccines, chilly bins, consumables, and all required PPE.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Attend our clients’ workplaces and administer vaccines to employees, according to the pre-arranged schedules.
  • Maintain the requirements of the cold chain when transporting and storing vaccines.
  • Ensure the privacy of each participant is maintained in the vaccination environment. Ensure privacy of documentation (personal details and health information), also.
  • Ensure accurate vaccination data is entered into our Vitality Experience platform.
  • Ensure accurate record keeping of vaccinations completed on the day, including but not limited to; total vaccinations given, number of vaccines wasted (if applicable).
  • You may also be required to collect and/or drop off vaccine, consumables etc at the Vitality Works office, before and/or after a clinic. You will be advised of this as required.
  • Provide emergency care for any adverse reaction or anaphylaxis, document and handover to emergency services (if required).
  • Accurately record hours worked, mileage and any expenses in the FoundU app.

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Understanding the principles of vaccination, the maintenance of the cold chain and experience in delivering a high-volume immunisation programme.
  • Understanding the differences and possessing skills in the management of both anaphylaxis and fainting.
  • Knowledgeable in the use and administration of adrenaline (not with an EpiPen) in anaphylaxis.
  • Ability to confidently take and record vital signs if required – e.g., blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturations.
  • A good command of English.
  • A valid driver licence and access to a motor vehicle.
  • Digitally proficient – you will be required to access an online platform and an HR app, to view daily schedules, record vaccination data, enter hours worked etc. You will also work closely with a flu co-ordinator who will communicate with you via email and/or phone.
  • It is a requirement that you carry your personal mobile phone with you, so that you are contactable at all times while on site and/or can contact emergency services.


  • Registered Nurse with a current APC
  • Authorised Vaccinator Certificate plus at least 2 years’ experience vaccinating
  • First Aid/CPR certificate up to dateIt is your responsibility to ensure your qualifications are current. You are required to provide a copy of your qualifications to Vitality Works during the onboarding process

Salary: $45-$50ph per hour.  

To apply for this role with Vitality Works, please submit your resume using the Apply Now button, which will take you to our parent company, Sanitarium’s, website.

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